Your body black lady is full of Melanin

Black is beautiful but you’re more than black

Your skin is more than black

Although you were saying mine skin isn’t brown

Check yours if it’s brown

Your body is full of Melanin

Skin cancer can’t risk you

That’s why I’m in love with you

Say yes today

I’ve been convincing you since that day

That’s why I’ve decided to tease you today

You’re the most black lady all over the world

But if black is beautiful then you’re the most beautiful lady all over the world

Don’t deny my proposal again

If you’ll say no with bad names I’ll rain on you

Your black is more than darkness of five nights

I won’t say it again if you even spend with me a single night

Full of Melanin

My eyes are full of Melanin

I don’t see any other flower to approach

Say yes today sister of Chalse

I don’t mind whether you support Chelsea

I want to go with you to uncle Chalse

Although your skin is full of Melanin