One step, two.
And people busy calling me a fool.
Jackie Chan steps I take.
Art of the drunken master, I mastered.
Elixir of courage I take.
Don’t think I’m foolish, though I sound like one

Walking tipsy.
I think the waiter took a big tip.
Serve me more drinks.
Let me walk around less aware.
Watching out for ghosts and falling planes.
Drunken steps I take,
Think I should dance before I take that nap.

Eye lids heavy, you’d think I’m high of daisies.
But my elixir of courage got me Charming the ladies.
Walking around like the drunken master,
That art I’ve mastered.
Forgive my breathe,
Almost like a brewery.
But I’m walking tipsy,
Almost drunk.
And I really don’t care much.
Watch your step, I might just trip.
Walking tipsy, what a trip.