My escape place

This is my escape place

Using my mind to come up…

To come up with words 

Using my mind to think positively 

Poet is what I’m hear for

This is my escape place

To to pour my soul in words 

And come up with something creative

For the readers to enjoy

Hopefully they understand that each and every letter in this poem…

In this poem is my escape place from depression

Anxiety, negativity of this reality

Where everything becomes a joke while it is consequential.

Hopefully they understand my words, 

This is my beautiful escape place where I’m not judged but accepted 

Where i have freedom of speech

The communication between me 

And these words is flowing like a peaceful river.

This is where i don’t want to be disturbed.

So that I’ll be able to keep this water clean.

This is not just a creative place but my escape place.