Voice of a ghost
At sunrise
It spoke bittersweet words
I am no longer in
This world by the flesh
But by spirit
To lament that
I am no longer alive,
Stop crying over me
For protection
Because I am gone
And nothing I can do
I am at my last home
Of graveyards
Filled with soil and dust
Decorated by a tombstone,
Stop crying for me
Because I’m no longer in
This sorrowful world
That made me perish from
Heartache and loneliness,
Now I’ve become
The scariest person
Everyone that would tremble
From fear,
Look at my eyes
You can see my flesh rotting
They have holes
and you can only
See darkness through
No light
Because death has snatched
Me away
From my loved one
My children,
No air to breath
But just to stay trapped
In this coffin
And never return,
Move on with your lives
And live for yourself
Because what’s gone
Will never return again,
Stop crying over me
Because it’s torture
To witness you
Shedding tears over
My loss
Cease crying for me
So my soul
can rest in peace.