One day 

The sun will smile at me 

And mud be the only stain 

To remind me that rain 

ever poured over me 

Heaven knows no shadow

My angels will witness 

Their son grow 

And toast to success 

One day

That black academic gown 

Will move to my heartbeat 

The world to bow down 

To Abazali’s tears and sweat

Time will acknowledge my mistakes

And applaud the sacrifices, 

The late-night cries 

And silent prayers.

One day

I’ll stand taller than my dreams

Peace on my palms

Like I’ve never tasted the earth 

And dared the very notorious death 

To an extreme fistfight 

But at the bell sound 

My ambitions will take flight 

And fly higher than a stoned mind

One day 

I’ll say I made it 

Bruised and tired 

I’ll say I survived it 

I may have once failed

But my concise story 

Will know Victory.