God has never forsaken us we give up on him; he never fails to do what
We hoped for he stands still on his word and promises he doesn’t go back
And forth he fulfil them unlike us who have no back or front he isn’t like us

When you fail and hit the ground so hard just lift up your eyes and trust in
The Lord a strong feeling of displeasure or hostility can make you question
He’s ability God will never take you to another level to make you a laughing

Stock he only takes you when you’re fully prepared for other situations just
Like a parent who knows what’s good for their children just like a parent that
Knows their kids abilities we intend to remember God in hard times and forget

To remember him in good times we shouldn’t testify about Him only in good
Times but also in darker times you can cry now but God has the ability to make
Things happen in whatever situation you had faced you may face you will face
At the end you will show great joy in him you will be the one to laugh out loud

Life is very peculiar but there’s nothing amusing about it too soon, too soon I
Know we show facial expression showing pleasure with the corner of the mouth
Turned up and make the sounds and movement of the face and body that express
Lively amusement and sometimes also scorn now the next thing within twenty four

Hours we feel sorrow, unhappy the universal feeling is onto us we feel the an
Unpleasant feeling caused by mental suffering or distress it’s sad that he plans
Something for us yet we do not know even a little thing about where we are going
To cross path with pain imagine we tell the creator to pass that direction and to
Move along lightly, especially by hopping on each foot in turn all the sadness the

Pain the stressful moments and lead us to glory so unrealistic why do we always
Have to feel the pain and all those other emotions that make our body to be toxic
Why but then He is the parent when some things hit us hard we know where to find
Him it’s so painful to imagine yourself where you want to be but not imagine where
You would pass no wonder why we always want easy things no wonder why we desire
Things that are not in his plan but in the end he is always great and he will remain great