Memories of you 

brightening up, my darkest night

My window of thoughts

hidden by the Moonlight’s absence

As our blissful shadows

dance on the walls

from left to right

My feet, your toes

worlds apart

My chest, your heart

pillows apart

Our dreams, your snores 

as ‘broken art’

Our chemistry, its rhythm 

slowly departing…

And sinking beneath 

our sheet of lies;

Our blanket of truth

keeping us, coldly together 

Since it’s now clear

that our end is near…


For You’ve lost me

as your latest hour’s knight 

and I’ve found you 

becoming my earliest shower’s mourning

Although we may

have some hope left

to make this right

twice again

I just can’t bring myself

closer, towards your end of the bed

Even as the moonlight starts

brightening my lips’ craving

towards your sweetest snores

Unless I close my eyes

And encloses the isles

running between your legs and mine