Touch me again
I’m in search of you everywhere,
My thoughts waiting for you in sorrow
Sniffing every trail I’ve not taken with you.
My heart is persecuted by my loneliness to find you.
I say, in hopes for you to hear.
Your soft touch has long been gone.
You’re gone with your kisses I greedily devoured.
Now another man pleasures with you.
I pound the door to hear you scream,
But this silence screams louder than you ever did.
I am wrong and have always been,
I thought I’ll do corrections as a student.
It’s your love that blinded me,
That I gave nothing to your heart.
I blame you for loving me so much,
You made me think I’m your only world.
I thought you’d never love anyone else,
Because here I am not able to.
I’ve come to understand it about you
You’re not my possession nor slave.
What you give can be appreciated by any man,
It was a blessing that I had you.
I promise it’ll be different,
This time you’ll get mine too.
Please, I need you one more time.
I willingly giving you me as a possession and as a slave,
You can have me as your heart desires.