I wish the stars weren’t so bright
wish the sky wasn’t so high
wish the ground wasn’t so uptight
wish the air wasn’t so mild.

What if yesterday never came
and today is a game
that tomorrow wouldn’t unveil
the future’s mystic pain.

I wish ears can’t hear
a sound of that tear
falling in fear
to the land, unclear.

What if a heart can’t feel
the cracking pain of steel
wondering around like a pill
searching for a cell to kill.

I wish minds can’t think
of shadows that blink
making spirits shrink
to the bottomless sink.

What if eyes can’t look
into keyholes that shook
the grounds that took
a vision of a sacred book.

Maybe dreams do take place
though not at our preferable time and space.
We may want to take a chase
but won’t reach out with this pace.