I smile when everyone’s watching 
And crumble when they look away 
I hide my feelings 
Behind a cosmic display 
I hate that I’m feeling this way 
But I know I shall see a brighter day 
Into the world of unknown 
I cherish life as a circus token 
Not very valuable 
But the ride is unimaginable 
I take a step closer
As if I reached my destination 
But I know for sure it’s just a part-time vacation 
With everything said and done
I continue to stand up 
As if I am the chosen one 
With the facade on my face 
No one can crack the case 
So I’m going to leave everything on base 
Not to overwhelm too many people with my issues 
Cause I know for a fact that it’s not worth explaining 
If all they say is it’s going to get better 
I am feeling a bit under the weather 
But I rise above the occasion 
Cause I know life’s not a summer breeze sensation