I need time so I can show you I’m worth it
I need time so I can show you I’m the person
You wanna be with, I need time so I can show you I’m a blessing
I’d go to school 24/7 if you were the lesson

Like the word “many” you mean a lot to me
Is it just fate, or could it be destiny?
I need time, a chance, if you say no I won’t ask why
To my blood pressure you’re like weed because everytime you’re around it goes high

At your sight, my skips a beat
Then it beats faster than Eminem can rap
“Is it love?” That’s my brain asking me shit
And then my heart quickly replies, “yes it is, no cap”

I chose to follow my heart, and then I wrote this art
I thought I could impress you with my rhymes, which wasn’t really smart

I must be a bad shooter because I’m always missing you
Imma always be by your side as long as the sky’s blue
I’m like the alphabets, I’m incomplete without U
I need time so I an show you there’s such thing as love that’s true

A year older than me but love ain’t about age
Like different topics in a textbook, we aren’t on the same page
Not sure what you like, but I like chess
You aren’t that infatuated, I feel like I’m cursed
I like hip-hop, you like RnB
I love you, and you love me

They say there’s plenty fish in the sea, but they don’t understand
That like the universe my love for you shall never end
So hey there, I hope you’re feeling fine
It’s just me Master P asking for time