I was told one day that you would fade before the eyes of me ,
But I was younger .

I was told I would be old as the sun
And still wish to unfold all my deeds ,
Instead I enjoyed counting stars ,and busking in sun
Unaware you are as unforgiving as alghulas mermaid.
I was told you would be my enemy and still I will live to chase you the non-living .

As I stand to be corrected here .
My heart is heavy poundlesd,corrigated that it gets eaten by acid rain of regrets .
My palate is a dozer unsure if South is a river mouth or a river source .

I’m running the race of my life ,
Losing tracks as a result of being a thief .
I webnt for crossroads instead of borders ,
I chose shortcuts instead of tunnels
Yet I remain a fue before my enemies .

Isn’t a way or by chance
When you wish to take a breath really ,
So I too keep up your pace