Thorny heart as I breathe,
My spirit trapped in silence. 
My confidence died with you,
As the day you left me.
No room for happiness in my soul, 
Somebody restore that for me.
Thorny Heart as I breathe,
As I watch you giving up on me,
I dream about it one night,
And, I was seeing the dream coming to reality. 
You said you will never leave me but,
Broken promises just like you said.
Threw me hanging in hopeless dreams of being with you but,
Never really meant something like I thought.
Thorny Heart as I breathe,
Careless feeling in my heart made me,
Believe in you and you’re different,
Just the others I knew you will do the same,
Broken heart remains the memories of what is left in me,
A heavy cold knife in my heart,
Now my heart is cold as ice.
Thorny Heart as I breathe,
Slowly as I breathe, I lose my breath,
Hopingly I will find peace but,
My thorny heart needs to heal.