They took my chastity.

On that fateful day.

Because on a cold winter’s night

You never know who follows you.

Walking all alone in the street,

I saw tall figures.

Two or three of them

Pursuing me

In the nightfall.

I tried walking as fast as I could,

But they were too fast.

I felt one of them gripping my arm

His other hand on my mouth.

Another one came straight to my face

And said, ” I dare you to scream.”

Then dragged me to the near bush.

All I could hear were my muffled cries.

They laid me down and ripped my clothes

Each one of them taking his turn

To fulfill his lewd urgencies.

Within a few minutes

All was gone.

My virtue, no longer in existence.

Something I have preserved my whole life

Taken just like that.

When they were done

They laughed in my face

Clearly sneering at my pain.

And boastful of what they had done.

Then they left me there

With no one to save me.

I laid still, my body numb

With nothing moving except

The tears in my face.

That was the night

I was killed.

That night, where my soul was ripped

Out of me.

The night where my spirit was destroyed.

Even though my heart is

still beating inside of me

I am just a dead woman walking now.

They killed me!