I smile, a broad smile
but I am numb to the
happiness’ warm embrace.
I laugh, a loud laugh
but deep inside,
I fight the intense urge
to soil myself in a fountain
of endless tears and
enormous sorrow.
I sleep, yet my mind
is not rested,
It tires itself…
by running towards
a sadness that my heart
cannot overcome

My body fatigued,
It takes the toll
of my busy mind.
To numb my pain,
I drown myself…
In anything and everything
That makes the mind forget
What the heart chooses
to remember…

I drown myself in a blanket
Of extreme delusion.
I pray to the Almighty,
For all the things I regret.
All the wrong people
I have met.

“Make me forget the
eternal scars of heartbreak.”
This stabbing heartache,
This heart might not be able
to withstand…
Will anyone be a
desperate helping hand?.

I wear a mask of positivity
but inside my hope is dimming,
with each passing day,
my love for life is slowly

I know many people
but many don’t know me.
They think I’m well,
Catered for,
my mask of illusion
throws them off track.
But the truth is
I am nothing…
but a human wreck
They aren’t to blame,
they don’t know my shame

They don’t know, they don’t know
They just assume I’m well
Because I smile, a broad smile.