It doesn’t matter who we are
what matters is what we say
You call yourselves men
yet the world is at stake.

We are the Goddesses, full of dreams & goals,
willing to inspire and change people’s souls.
You’re forcing fear and anger through our veins
bringing pain we can’t explain,
causing us to suffocate with no gain.
Worst of all, you do this once and again.

You’re so lucky we seek peace not revenge,
willing to hire not retrench.
It is once said “real men share love not violence”,
it will be one day when we break this silence.
The presence of a woman is not like a voiceless sentence,
because there is nothing more pure than a women’s humbleness.

We are the Queens.
You made a mistake by going through our dreams,
interfering on the futures you can’t see
disturbing the Hive of fearless bees,
provoking the Queen Dom of silent queens.

You say you have power.
You’re abusing that power without using your minds,
always sour cause you failed to be nice.
Vanquishing futures that could walk for miles,
destroying souls that could change your lives.
Can you bare this in minds.

This is no world of dying with depression,
picking a filthy life of deception.
It is time to draw a line of desperation from determination,
jump the mountains of compression to confession,
because everyone lives for perfection
and this is to lead you through your passion.

It is time for you to act cool.
Be a DUDE and do something good,
with no excuse.