Even after so many years, the fear, anger and hatred you inflicted on us persists,

you were like prayer feeding on our souls,

I can still see all the alienation and bitterness in your eyes,

even when you talk, maltreatment prevails,

I can still recall everything like it was yesterday.

As blameless as I were, I used to get severe punishments

even for sins I did not commit,

I know we were not yours by birth

but we did not deserve this on this earth.

Just after midnight, you would bang on the door,

quarrel and wake us all in fear,

I, at times, even witnessed her getting whipped unnecessarily; the

the more she became defenceless, the more aggressive you became.

Even without the influence of alcohol, you were filled with bitterness,

I wonder what we have done to deserve all this?

I always thought she would one day pack so that we could leave,

but she never did, even when you called us by name.

We suffered because of love,

Yes, she was prepared to die for love,

even at the cost of two beautiful children,

she was ready to die for love.

She was the only breadwinner in the house,

maybe we suffered because we were staying freely in the house,

She was strangled, whipped and even betrayed,

perhaps it was the price we had to pay for being born.