You’re like an aspirin when I’m in pain.
You’re my alleviator when I’m disappointed.
A walking stick after falling a Thousand Times.
Amusement After dejection.

An Unbalanced Pressure pumping it to Equilibrium.
An envy inside me eradicating it with satisfaction.
You keep me equipped With gadgets to fight fury.
You’re like the Sun when it blast the clouds away from its site.
My voice when I can’t be heard in the midst of a crowd.

You’re such a fundamental component in my ecosystem , Boosting my self-esteem at all times.
Sometimes going astray with sadness but still gravitating me to the
World of smiles.
Opposing molten you can cool down magma to calm Waters.

Who are you after all?
A Question that strikes my mind daily.
Thinking that you are just a word ,
But you are beyond the imagination of an authentic person.