Love is like a fruit seed
Love is a predilection of successful relationships
Love is a strong feeling of buttercup
Oh! Can’t take my eyes off you
I love you for sentimental reasons
Am I overdosed by your love?
Why Am I feeling butterflies in my stomach
Not everyone is worthy of smelling your scent/aroma.

I promise to love you in front of the crowd
Am I overdosed by your love?
Your love is like a wide array of floral crystal
Flying high above the sky intoxicate by your love
The angel captured me in the cage of love
Should I be worried about you?
Because life has its own difficulties
Can you be my cardiologist and psychologist?
Love encompasses a range of strong positive emotions
“Intimacy, passion and commitment” are core components of love.

Could you believe in your eternally?
Every second away from you is like oxygen taken from me
I just keep on floating through your motions
Let’s talk about love
Let’s talk about love.