The pain of wanting to be with someone but you can’t
I am talking about that pain of wanting to reach out but you can’t 
Every time when you have to speak you become numb 
The pain of dreaming about something which will never happen
The pain of missing your own people that understands you 
That knows when there is something wrong bothering you 
The pain of memorising good times you have had with your loved ones 
It is true we don’t know what we have until we lost it 
The pain of pretending to be happy but you are not 
You are smiling outside but inside you are dying
No one understands you and they don’t seem to notice the pain you are going through 
The pain of fighting even if you don’t want to
The pain of being tired but you have to carry on with your journey 
THIS PAIN IS TO HARD TO CARRY but I will keep moving forward.