It’s with great pain
Much agony, that I open my heart.
I have been concealing the pain.
Ignoring the effects of our petty arguments.
I drew strength from the promises we made
In lower tones on a single pillow.
I knew that it was forever.
I drew sense from the vision
The vision shared at the meeting of our breath,
Breath shared at the lips’ joints.
I am trembling as I write in disbelief.
I am in shock, that I am giving off.
I am a weakling at last
I no longer have the strength.
I am giving away my love.
Back to you, our love.
I am waiting for the judgement hour,
I will trust your decision, my love.
If the devil cuts through us,
That will be the end of my faith
Faith in my values and our love.
I had grown fond of you sweetheart.
To love’s loss, I am losing.
To my sweetheart, that I dearly love
Perhaps, I have failed to express my love.
Believe me, honey, I love you.
I’m shattered as I tremble
Leaping to block my love
From sliding off us.
Tremble with me, dear.