The last prayer
I know suicide dont take you to heaven
But lord forgive me
Were my last words
As I stood on that chair
Imaginng how things could have turned out
How bright of a future
I could have had
Oh gosh
For tears roll down my chin now
As my heart races
Having a heartattack
My body getting cold
As if I’m dead already
I have turned blue – grey
Like I’ve been to the end of the world already
Where oxygen no longer existed
My head spins
As if I’ve just drank a whole bottle of vodka
And my inner voice sings:
“Lord if this is the end
For this ain’t life
This is not my dream
I’m just too young for the pain
The troubles
And torture
For I’ve been through the most
And I proberbly know hell by now
So lord forgive me
For I was once innocent
I would have gone to heaven someday
But look what the world made me do
So Lord I’m sorry
Please forgive me
And last but not least
Lord please save her for me
For I am yours”