My name called on stage , I could hear my ancestors tell me to run .

Took my first step with a gasp ,sweat and my eyes closed remembering the practice back at the homelands

My second step was taken by my left leg , the leg known as bad luck in my village .Will this be it ,bad luck ?

My third step was enhanced by both my legs . I could hear my heart rumbling a drum just the way KOKO used to play it back at the homelands

My fourth step gave me doubt .Am I good enough ? This question had a bitter taste in ma’s mouth . Will the people from the city rejoice and hear my talent . Recalled malume’s words ,”BLACK GIRL FROM THE VILLAGE WHO CARES NO ONE I GUESS, ONLY THE GUESTS FROM THE TAVERN WILL, BUT NOT THE CITY MY CHILD .” Tried to block his voice from my head .Wet blanket he is.

My fifth embraced my cat walk which I learned from the big models from the small dusty television at home .
The Mic was ready to be used , but was I ?
Looked up and talked to God
Looked down and saw mom smiling with the traditional doek made by koko ,accompanied by the words “Go Girl”

Words uttered out of my mouth.
Poetry was the sweet melody .
How relieved my soul was , just like a miner getting a gold .
The power of words was the deliverance to my audience .
A QUEEN I was .
If heaven had a call , I I’d tell my ancestors the good news