In the new era, where the truth exist not;
Where the world lost its direction,
Taste of reality is buried down beneath the soil and rocks,
I still stand and rise up my flag,
I still have life, I dream… Oooh yes I am the dreamer;
Dream on the dreamer, standing firm like a huge mountain;
I am the dreamer, I dream again and again.

Where hope is no more, I still stand tall;
Head-up and proudly say; I am capable,
Believing reality of inner self, forgetting outside world;
I dream, yes I do…
I am not confined by precincts;
I live to sentient legacy.

Dreamer dream again, again dream I say;
Don’t lose hope, keep pressing on;
Your dream become reality, when you belief;
Believing is not enough, put action on;
Dream in the mist of corona;
Don’t be limited by covid;
Conquer, for you are the conqueror;
Dream is not for specific people only.

Dream in season, dream out of season;
Dream when you work or run a business;
When you have money; dream,
Dream when you don’t work, dream-on…
Even when you don’t have money dream-on;
Even if you can’t afford anything keep dreaming;
Dream even if they put you down,
Dream when you don’t light ahead of you,
In the darkness of your circumstances, dream-on…
Bless every new day, and pray for it;
Days are better when you talk to God first;
Don’t focus on your situations, dream;
Dreamers press-on, they don’t look down on themselves;
They fall and rise up again;
Still say it’s going to fine one day;
Dreamers don’t compare themselves with others,
The say: I am unique.

Valley is not a home for dreamers, walk through;
Be what you want to be; be great,
Build legacy; for your generations to come,
You are what you say about you;
This is not time to think little about you,
Wake-up!!! Dream-on the dreamer;
Shape your life, keep-on dreaming.

Even if your friends depart from you: – Dream-on!!!
You lost your job: – Dream-on!!!
You went through divorce: – Dream-on!!!
They call you terrible names: -Dream-on!!!
They treat you according to your history: – Dream-on!!!
They mistreat you: – Dream-on!!!
They gossip about you: – Dream-on!!!

You have lost everything in your life;
The dreamer dream again!!!
Your children turned to be a laughing witticism;
The dreamer dream again!!!
You are oppressed by darkness around you;
The dreamer dream again!!!
You have no energy and powerless;
The dreamer dream again!!!
You live with fear? Breakthrough!!!
The dreamer dream again!!!
Dream again!!! Dream-on!!!