It was then when i played with fire, i forgave all the bad happened.
Been kind to my emotions and friendly to my mistakes, i did learn.
The past never haunted me with claws, though now it turns to hell.
I barely sleep, blink or talk thinking about yesterday’s sadness.
Now life forsaken the joy in me, mentally i am living in the past.
Blood pressure stands high, as my pride shutters the last
In my life to never care about any feeling, I’m in the dark.
Just in case i feel healed, i get tripped over by the anger, alone at the park.
The wicked tricks my mind, tears fill up my glass of wine
Whenever i try to calm down. Clouds turned so blink, no light.
Ego sprints around the genes, i persevere nothing in life.
Everything i touch becomes messy, i believe no faith will change my life.
Sorrows keep me awake in the night, till breakfast time.
All i feel are the internal bruises that can’t be healed, they live for a lifetime.