I’m all alone in this dark little world of mine,
A world so scary and disastrous,
filled with nightmares and distress.
I try to get a wink,
But the memories keep me awake,
My mind starts to squeeze,
As I scream and beg it to stop,
But the demons inside me couldn’t stop,
Once they start they won’t grant me calmness.
I know, they won’t!
They’re enjoying causing havoc in my mind,
So I lay open-eyed all these moments,
When I try to take a nap, they slap me in the faceโ€ฆ
When I attempt to close my eyes, I see them,
They are gazing at me all these moments,
they are after me,
They trouble my soul,
They make me miserable,
They make me moanโ€ฆ
I don’t have peace of mind.
I see things I can’t describe,
Creatures that freak me out.
it’s hard to disclose what I see,
Not even a single word can narrate,
I try to reflect on my past,
the good times and the dreadful moments, some memories provoke my thought and brought me in tears,
I thought I was strong but no, this is too much to bear!
I’m so scared to face these demons,
They control me…
They rule my fragile spirit,
They own me,
That’s what they think.
They have changed my life,
They have spoiled my happiness,
They have destroyed my peace of mind.
I hate myself for what I have become,
Every day is a battle.
I’m stuck between the realm of darkness and light.
I don’t know what to do anymore,
I fake a smile so no one sees the pain in me,
my reflection has become something I can’t recognize,
I’m slowly fading awayโ€ฆ
All I need is a shoulder to lean on,
Maybe that will ease this pain.