I breath so hard
So painful am i living
As all cruel actions are done on top of me
I am the crying soil
Every now and then I feel the pain.

I am shedding tears
When I see children and women are raped
Many human are killed
And I’m the one to be digged again
Who will take care of me if you’re not ?

Sons and daughters of the soil
Your deeds are evil
They make me to perish
You make me pay for sins I never commit
The blood you shed boils on me
The un resting souls make a lot of noise in me
Crying out loud seeking for revenge
I am the crying soil.

I’m not a human flesh
But I’m a living something
Let me rest a bit
And take care of me
For I bring nothing to you but food and water to drink
Let me not again cry
The wounds are too deep like an ocean
The crying soil i am.