regime rhyme shceme

gourmet dinner or rice and peas

from eugenics to big mechanics

from the farm to rail to the road to the city

came in weighted anklets come out in a suit

from ships to the court yards to the court to the street

racial tension between every race that you see 

traded brown lives for cotton red blood on the cash

another friend’s gone stiff no time to spread the ash 

black masses swing axes 

segregated- gentrificated

no choice in this life you’ve been fated

we step out into a brave new world

to become a smiling face in a peacful national democracy

but freedom comes at a price 

for we are free to live in peace

free to live in war 

free to hate and our thumbs inside another cultures eyeballs to bore

off the sweat of maize

cotton linen and shoe shining

unions whining with a hand in a fist

making a wish list

for human rights, equality and the land they were promised

progress is paved in peaceful protests

open fire

but sir there just standing there

I dont care its above your pay grade son

either pull the trigger or put down your rifle and run

rubber bullets that rip through skin 

scars heal but blood that pools, stails, stains and never runs thin

revolution uprise


unclinching the fist


be bothered by others to the point it leads you to spit

from your ivory white collar

to an eye that have only knows blue denim

those who string their laces, carry their suitcases shave clean, bushy brislled beards apon their faces

take nickle and dime with two hands cupped

collecting each coin as not to waste

wipe the spit off a blue shirt 

with haste, pursed lips that hide teeth that compress together in anger

forgiven and moven on toward a bright new day together


hey what are you still doing out here its over go home the revolution ended we won

can you really sit back and say its done in the past to be forgotten

we have never forgotten 

our fallen brothers and sister who’s backs gave out in the fields

who were to the ships bouw chained

the ships are gone

and new brothers and sisters are born each day

there is work to be done and new lives to be had 

I shall awaken each day and be ever glad

a tear might be shed 

a cry might be had

but to let your spirit die each day

that my friend

would be 

Truly sad