I always close my eyes just to memorize our moment we spend together before you left me.

I always cries and cries but nothing can brought you back.

What makes you commit suicide huh ?

Why did you left me alone this way huh?

You promised me that you will never leave me alone ,but you broke our promise by committing suicide .

You promised me that you will always be on my side but now you left me alone in this cruel world.

Your passing doesn’t give peace i will never forget this ,i feel like i can open the coffin just to barried with you . I feel like i can visit you in the graveyard.

I always think about us ,our memories which we shares together will never fade.

I always wonder why you left us in this world before our creator’s call you.

I always ask myself that did you entered in heaven? Or the devil is frying you in hell. Because according to the bible says whoever killed themselves shall not seen the heavens.