If I had a spell to mend my broken heart, to remove the pain I feel that just won’t go away, I swear I would have long used it. How much more can one take? I’ve been trying so hard but nothing seems to be working out for me. Disappointments and failures are my daily bread. Like a car in a mud puddle I can’t seem to find a way out. What is it that I’m not doing right? Why is life so hard? I didn’t expect it to be bed of roses but still… Mine seems to be moving from bad to worse. Yes, “It rains the hardest to people that deserve sunshine” but doesn’t the rain stop at some point. Isizulu sithi okungapheli kuyahlola kodwa okwami kuyanda nsuku zonke. Hope has vanished from my vocabulary. I can’t keep something that doesn’t wanna be kept, that makes it impossible for me to keep. Dear God I can only take much, now I’m weighing down. I feel so defeated and helpless. Others harvest from the fruits of their hard labour but no matter how hard I work on my garden growing my seeds I never harvest. I am slowly dying inside. Every fail takes a piece of my heart with. I don’t there’s much left to feed these failers from my heart. Pull me off my misery and wipe away my flooding tears. I crave to release my smile again. Only you can help me. Pain be not proud!