Suddenly you have a voice…..

Dear Aunt

I dare you to utter one more word, and I swear to bury you deeper where the volcano Shines.

So tie your lips before I steal your shine.

Where was your voice when my father sliced my mother like that meat in your butcher?

Where was your voice hiding the time my siblings and I slept on those dusty and rusty roads of Hell. With boxes comforting and making us warm.

Let us rush an hour back, 

Remember the day we asked for food and like thieves crawling at the back of your yard, You unleashed those Beast u call dogs to feast on our Souls.

Don’t ask me why I turned into prostitution, cause you are the one who tossed me like a dice.

Unlike you I hustle to provide that daily bread for my bloodline… Ooh I forgot that I shouldn’t use “Family” cause that’s foreign to you. So I dare you to search for the word “Love” on your Dictionary and maybe then you would practice what you preach.