How could you make an ordinary woman feel so special

Just a year ago I was so sad and even sadder I had no remedy

Now whenever I feel sad I can call you because you are my remedy

Your specialty

Taking care of me

I love you

Because there is simply no one else for me

How could someone seen by many as so different from me make me feel so special

I smile from ear to ear when I hear your voice

I could survive without food or air if I just kept hearing that voice

Your specialty

Making a sweet lady out of me

I love you

Because you’re the only one not trying to change me

I don’t feel special when I’m lying opposite to you

Because I don’t feel compared to anything

I know all the darkness you are but I only see the pure

I will keep coming back for more

Fear doesn’t have a hold on me like before

By now I’ve seen and heard all

You are special to me

I will never let go