The moment I’ll see the sun rising
I’ll go see you
Shush rain shush
I’m filled with excitement
I’ll meet my love whether they like it or not
I’ve been waiting to see you
I’ll die of missing you
I’ll walk kilometres for you
I’ll shush the storms coming towards me
I’m going to see my love
Shush my soul shush
It will be a matter of time
I’m going to see my love
No sorrow will break us apart
I want to see my love
I want to see the love I’ve always wanted to see
Shush people shush
You won’t break us apart
Shush hater shush
Our love will shove throughout your hate
You’re what is going to improve us in every way
You’re no threat to us
Because you don’t intimidate us
We’re not intimidated by you
We’ll never feel that way
Shush my love shush