I still remember
When I depended on
my mother’s milk
She used to carry me on her back
All the time, I was crying
And she would sing me lullabies
Till I fell asleep
And when I didn’t eat well
She would know I was not well
She was my first kitchen
And as I grew into a teenager
I knew that my mama would be
There for me, and she would say:
“Don’t ever cross that looks line
For you will burn
Remember always what you’ve learnt
Knowledge is not to be wasted
That’s how you’ll grow to be a real woman, my daughter
Don’t envy other people’s things
Nor have jealousy
Always look upon your star and
Make a wish
And you will learn patience, my daughter
But most of all, have respect
Respect everyone, and you will
grow to be a better woman one day.”
She was there when I took my first breath
And I will be there
When she takes her last breath.