I was there when she did it ,
I felt the pain she wanted me to..
I was there I am the victim ,
I couldn’t even crawl back then..

She made the first impression,
I followed her lead like any lad would..
I ain’t gonna lie we all have been fooled once or twice ,
I was there I failed to stop her….

I was all out for a long run ,
Thou the streets in big cities are many..
She was my whale I was a Dolphin,
She slaughters and I only chew….

She bought the spades,
All I did was to dig my own grave..
Later that night I received a call,
It was nothing but invitation from God…

How thee shall I love when my heart is left here ? ,
We all can be fools sometimes..
I thought I did it all but ,
She new all my weaknesses..

By the time I reached Earth ,
All I had were the memories of my death..
All I had faded away with my soul ,
She burried me before I was born………