We are in love shackles with a greater bond,

Synchronized memories playing in our minds.

We are drawn to each other as we have found a common ground,

This bares nothing else apart from my joy and pride.

But what does this mean?

Are we bond together from the same stream?

Always and forever exists, and what does it mean?

Am I feeling this right or I am stuck in your dream?

Is my mind dirty or I need you to cleanse it clean?

Am I worthy to be yours for eternity?

Even my puzzled mind can’t break these shackles.

Walking away is hard, the concrete connection,

Got us stuck to our ankles,

No reproach, we have to embrace it in all angles.

Show me your shackled heart and I shall unlock it with love,

Show me your sinking faith and I shall raise it above,

Show me your dying hope and I shall share mine till it revives,

Show me your wishes and I shall grant them what they crave.