You had me through enjoyment,
You were happy and didn’t think
Of anything else nor outcomes.
Not thinking that I might come
Into your lives.
You felt like a real man after
Having your way with her,
You were boasting around
Telling everyone that it finally
A day came when the truth had
To be told, that you are going to
Be a father but you were not a man
Enough to handle the truth.
You chose to run away and avoid
Your responsibilities. You left the
Poor girl, you promised to love
Forever to suffer alone.
Her parents kicked her out, she had
No one to rely on for you were her
Last hope and you were supposed
To be her Knight in shining amour.
She got frustrated as she was young
And chose to abandon in these filthy
Streets of Johannesburg in order to
Get married to the handsome tycoon.
Now my life is a living hell all because of
A decision made by a single person.
Rains fall upon me each and every summer,
I literary survive through a rubbish can.
People pass me each and every day
And none of them cares for me but
I have no right to blame them I am not
Their responsibility in any way.
I feel like I have no one each and every
Single day of my life. I have a mother
And a father but they rejected me
Before I could even learn how to write
And pronounce my name properly.