To the guy who approached me on the 18 of July about a year ago
The one that asked for my heart and I gave it to him unreluctantly so
The guy who loved me wholeheartedly, unconditionally without a doubt
To the person who trusted me enough to be his safe space,
His solace.
To the only person, I ever lied to my scary uncle about
The first guy I ever went on a date with
To my Snookcums, Gummy Bear, Favourite Chocolate Muffin
To Rato La Relebohile, Nokwindla, and many more pet names I ever gave you.
Unfortunately, I still love you.
I’m sorry but you are the only guy who broke down the tall and thick walls I created for myself,
The only person who would allow me to scream when I’m filled with mixed emotions
The one who would hold my hand in front of every girl who was against our relationship
The one to advise me and correct my wrongs.
I know I should let go but I’m failing
I hope one day fate allows us to meet and our love will take off.