Everything between us was just nice.

Everything started so nice but

little did I know it will all end in tears

You were my sunshine, my everything

You were there for me when I needed you

You were my shadow and my mirror

You were the truth to me and you were there with me

I know life happens

but for once you should have thought of us

the moments we spent together,

all the promises we made to each other.

you should have thought of it

How can you just forget everything

and act like I was never there

I trusted you

I believed in you ,I gave you all of what I had

but for what all for nothing huh?

You were my future but you went and

destroyed everything just because of another girl

I. Keep on asking myself what she had that I didn’t

What she did to you that you forgot about us

I will always love you and remember you

But you have hurt me and the most hurting thing is that

disappointments and betrayal always comes from those close to us.