Be patient, they say, but it’s not easy to do,

When things are tough, patience seems far from true,

Yet patience is crucial, it’s always in view,

It’s a journey, not a destination to pursue.

Emotions flare up, leaving us feeling low,

But they say, hold on, let patience grow,

Through ups and downs, let patience show,

In the end, they promise, it’s the way to go.

Having patience is hard, but not impossible to find,

It quietly waits, in the back of your mind,

You might not notice, but it’s there, aligned,

With patience, you’ll see, good things are enshrined.

Patience means holding onto a flicker of hope,

Even when it’s hard to see how you’ll cope,

Sacrificing today, for tomorrow’s scope,

In that little hope, find patience to elope.

So, keep hope alive, no matter how small,

In patience’s embrace, you’ll stand tall,

In that glimmer of hope, amidst it all,

Stay patient, they say, until you hear the call.