Ode to the toilet with the pure white seat
So comfy I can seat in it for hours
Ode to the toilet that’s more peaceful than the ocean waves, more silent that the forests of mother nature
Ode to the toilet of which seat has now become my mobile gaming seat
Where I’d play for hours if not interrupted

Ode to the toilet that feels let the hyperbolic time chamber of dragon ball z for a minute there without my phone feels like an hour
To the toilet that is wide and long enough for me, which feels like it was designed to be my very own private space

Ode to the same toilet where I can go wherever I wanna cry in peace, without any person trying to cheer me up because it can be annoying sometimes
Ode to the toilet that always take my shit, literally, but is also here whenever I need it
Unlike the music genre “Amapiano,” this toilet doesn’t stink

Ode to the toilet that always stands strong and tall, I’m starting to think it was made by Eminem because it’s made of concrete bars
With the four walls that surround me like my very own castle

Ode to my toilet