I gave myself sufficient period to examine and understand you well.
After all the times I was attempting to give up on you and get relieved from you because I couldn’t handle your nature.
But I have realized that you are not as horrible as I thought you are.

You are just real in your ways,
And you just need acceptance and tolerance.
I recall I was about to be the next looser of you dear life,
But then I read up and understood how you operate.

Life you turned to be very harsh on me some days,
But you required me to be decisive.
When some days you delayed me opportunitiesā€¦
You expected me to be forbearing.
There is a time when you swerved everyone against me,
And that’s when you expected me to be self-motivated.
And when you came back with remix and showered me with joy,
I knew I desired to value it.
When I was busy bothered about you,
I was too sightless to recognize that you were busy assembling things for me.
Existence, you are so wonderful and precise.