They roam around as if zombies

With burnt and rotten skin

They fumigate critters with their stench

Mindless thirsty creatures

Some carry heavy recycling bins

Some carry sharp knives and guns with sins

Some carry signs with sorry quotes

“Looking for a job”, “Help, I’m starving”

The poor slaves

They suffer to repay a debt they owe

To their ruthless god

The one they devout their lives to

God addiction

Those who serve him, serve him forever

And those who serve him

Are also his messengers

To convert their friends and families

To turn allies into enemies

To turn pastors into thieves

Saint into sinners

Blessings into curses

He is the God that torments all Humanities

He is NYaope

But he is not without weakness

To free those he oppresses

He is weakened by humanity and kindness


Those who serve him

Will never be given kindness

As humanity has already lost all hope in them