As time passed and we grew closer and closer,

To the world outside, you really had an impact on decisions

You made me understand what is right and wrong,

I have depended on your advice,

I will always be thankful for moments we shared,

They brought us closer,

And those crazy things we did together,

I Count On You My Friend

Sometimes I felt that in this world, I’m all alone

I count on you for every little piece of advice,

‘Coz it is only you who understands me and is so nice,

Close friends that we are, we will be forever,

Our hearts will be always blended together.

And never ever go away my dearest friend,

May this friendship that we have never end.

We always stand by each other against all odds.

Friends like you are so hard to find,

You’re so humble, loving and kind.

Ain’t I so lucky to have found friendship in you,

I never want to lose a friend so true like you