It’s not that I miss you, it’s not that I wish that you were still mine
It’s not that I reminisce as I did once upon a time
It’s not that I haven’t moved on from you and I
It’s the what if’s that run circles in my mind
What if you met the man I became and not the one you still hate
What if I did it all right, would it have ended anyway
What if there was another before you came
What if I hurt her instead and then learned from those foolish mistakes with her I made
What if I never had a girl before you, what if she never hurt me like she did and then walked away
What if you were my first, what if I never punished you for the mistakes that she made
What if I was never broken, what if I was still as innocent as I was back in my childhood days
What if you met the man you always wanted me to be instead of the one who lifted you up just to break you the very next day
What if I put you first in my life instead of those friends I had that stole our time away
What if I never had vices and I lived a sober lifestyle, keeping all those promises to you I made
What if I wasn’t selfish, what if I never messed around with other girls, would things have been different, or would the ending be the same.
What was the reason for meeting you when I was so broken, why couldn’t we have met after I changed
It’s not that I still miss you, it’s not that I still wish you’d have a change of mind
It’s not that I wish I had the power to turn back the hands of time so I could start over and relive all those moments that you were mine
It’s the what if’s that run circles in the confines of my mind