Our greatest leader of the best ever unity of the nation
A leader of the people of the universal equality
A fearless human that choose me and you instead
I’m not the one to gloat how much he is loved because your work speaks oneself
A chief of his kingdom
A prime ahead of it generation
Oh Mandela
Oh Nelson
We enchant
We enchant joyously
We utter his names
He was chained for speaking up
He was spitted at
He was label a traitor by many
Oh Nelson We enchant vicariously
Choose to die for one’s belief
Choose to put our native land ahead of his own family
Oh Nelson We enchant
Oh Tata the hero
Chained loosely by pw de clerk
We are ought to respect
The Solomon Mahlangu
The Oliver Reginald Tambo
The Goven Mbeki
The Denis Goldberg
The Winnie Mandela
The Mahatma Gandi
The Walter Sisulu
The Helen Joseph and others
We salute of an act of bravery
We salute the hero and heroines
Oh our leader Nelson Mandela