Warning this poem contains sensitive content about rape. Reader discretion is advised.
I wish I’d said
I wish I wish if times would go back to the olden days.
I wish ohh do I wish for everything to go back to normality but only do stuff get worse and worserer.
I was your lover but suddenly things changed
He changed you
You brought him into our lives, you made him your other half.
Little did you ask how I felt about him being in our lives
I had no say on everything it was just him, him, him.
Arghh was the word I now familiarised myself with.
I now became an outsider nothing I said was important everything had to pass to him in order to get approved.
I wished if dad was part of my life but he was never even in the picture.
I told myself I was gonna let him into our lives because
He seemed like a generous man’little did I know……..
I was letting water Inside the house.
He started giving me looks, telling me how damn pretty I was, nothing was wrong with that but 
The way he said it made me feel uncomfortable.
I told you hence you chose to believe him overall
Believe a stranger !!! Over your own blood. My mother was gone
My perfect sweet soul 
A person with love and humanity was no longer.
Physically you were here, emotionally you were gone.
We started having fights because of him. 
He was a destroyer and a disrupter of the devil himself.
One afternoon I felt his shadow behind my back, he forced himself onto me.
He told me how much I had to be punished just because of my behavior.
I begged him to let me go.
A part of me was taken away, I no longer knew who I was.
I was destroyed I now had to put a fake smile.
Pretending everything was fine only did they notice.
That I was dead for too long I wished I would go somewhere far where I won’t have to remember a thing that has happened. 
I started hating males because of him.
Each and every male now started to become so hungry for me, this RAPE stigma followed me everywhere I went.