You walked into my life
Found me with pieces I couldn’t mend
Said you’re the solution to all my problems
You meant the opposite, it’s now that I see it
I gave you my heart and soul
You brought back my heart with scars, blood oozing and strings unstiched
Here I was, a being with a desolate, hopeless and broken soul
My thoughts running wild, traveling back to when I thought your words were real and true
Life has no meaning, those were my words as I left with nothing gained but pain
Left my heart Vandalized beyond repair
I can never love again, why should I?
When all the people that claim to love me, leave me with regrets
When all their words turn me into a fool
Pierce my heart and shatter it into a gazillion pieces
Like a puzzle with missing pieces, the picture can’t be complete
Love ain’t no good for me, yes it isn’t
What’s the use?, nothing but tears that fall to the ground unseen
Cries that vanish into thin air, unheard
I don’t know how taking your last breath feels like
But at that moment I gasped for air, got none
Lowered to the ground, arched my back for balance
My heart sank into the ground
All I was left with was my legs which couldn’t carry me nomore
Hands that couldn’t hold on to anything but pain
The world shifting under my feet, nothing was stable
My soul died
I lost my heart
Left with a memory I can’t erase