I suffered infront of friends, teachers, community and family members.
Crying, undermining and hating myself were turned to my daily routines.
I was slavery of mental, verbal and emotional abuses.
Anxious, emotional breakdowns and insomnia were my tsalaship.
I looked for help, I raised my voice to some,
“GET OVER IT ” the nine letters only I got instead of receiving sympathy, attention and support,
some rejoiced seeing me shattering.

I walked alone, the road was narrow,filled with alphabets, I sat in the middle and created the words ( exhausted,
sad, angry, traumatized, give up, commit suicide, failure).
I became uneasy, unsettle and unsociable soul.
I neglected to surrender and kept going until the road became wider.
Forward…I saw the words ( hope, self-love, self-respect, self-appreciate, winner, survivor).
I stood still, wiped tears and wore a happy open facial expression.
I felt free and never looked back…..