My love breeds from the brain

It might sound funny or confusing but

it is what it is.

The CEREBRUM shields this love factory,

The pituitary gland continuously secretes,

The hormone that controls the massive growth of this mysterious feeling and,

It even leads to a point where my knees suddenly cringe whenever I see you,

I blame Mr CEREBELLUM for that,

He is the one in control of all my voluntary actions.

Enrapturing right?

My MEDULLA OBLONGATA is the reason why I feel like

my heart is about to come out of the mouth whenever

I hear your voice,

it suddenly beats in an abnormal way and to be honest,

that’s the best feeling ever.

Well, I guess my CEREBELLUM does not function anymore,

I keep on falling for you over and over again,

I have lost my balance and, I don’t think I’ll ever regain it


I just want you to know that.

I love you from the bottom of my hypothalamus.